Woodford Shale


About the Woodford Shale

The Woodford Shale is a major source rock in the Anadarko basin in Southeastern Oklahoma.  It was first vertically drilled in 1939, but by the early 2000’s the number of Woodford Shale gas wells had dramatically decreased.  By 2008 horizontal drilling had proven successful in the Barnett Shale and the methods were then applied to the Woodford Shale.

Although the organic material in the Woodford Shale is well understood, the formations are more difficult to drill due to their complexities.  However, the tides changed and the price for natural gas started to spike around this time, which brought increasing interests to the area.  The Woodford Shale is between 120 and 220 feet thick and is estimated to contain 4tcf of natural gas.  Woodford wells are between 6,000 and 11,000 feet deep and cost $3 million on average to drill and complete.  The ultimate recovery is estimated to be between 2 and 2.5 bcfe per well.


Thickness 120-220 ft
Depth 6,000-12,000 ft
Geologic Age Mississippian
Reservoir Pressure 3,000-5,000 psi
Basin Arkoma, Anadarko
Cost to Drill Well 2-3 million
Core Counties Bryan, Canadian, Carter, Coal, Garvin, Hughes, Johnston, Marshall, Mayes, McIntosh, Pittsburg, Wagoner


Woodford Shale Companies

Significant producers within the Woodford Shale are:

  • Antero Resources
  • Chesapeake Energy
  • Cimarex Energy
  • Continental Resources
  • Devon Energy
  • Newfield Exploration
  • Petroquest Energy
  • Range Resources
  • St. Mary Land and Exploration
  • XTO Energy

Woodford Shale Geology

The Woodford Shale is located in the following geologic basins of Oklahoma: Anadarko Shelf, Arbuckle Uplift, Ardmore Basin, Arkoma Basin, and the Ozark Uplift. The shale is found at depths from 7,500 to 8,500 feet, and is generally 50 to 300 feet thick.

Woodford Shale Location

The Woodford Shale is located in the following counties of Oklahoma:

  • Bryan County
  • Canadian County
  • Carter County
  • Coal County
  • Garvin County
  • Hughes County
  • Johnston County
  • Marshall County
  • Mayes County
  • McIntosh County
  • Pittsburg County
  • Wagoner County



Today’s Woodford Shale Activities

The Woodford Shale is emerging as the leading domestic oil & gas play.  With production sky rocketing over the past few years the Woodford Shale play domestically ranks second is gas production and fifth in oil production.  In 2011 there will start to be a shift from dry gas areas to those areas that produce a high proportion of oil and natural gas liquids.  This shift was noticed a few  years back and has continued as the higher returns for wells over natural gas attract companies.


Woodford Shale Rig Count

As of August 2011, Oklahoma was the state with the second-most rig activity.  The number of rigs increased to 198 as interest in the Woodford Shale continue to grow but is far behind the 893 rigs currently working in Texas.



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