Interested in Selling your Oklahoma Mineral Rights or Royalties?

We’re here to make sure you take full advantage of your Oklahoma Mineral Rights.  Our mission is to find you the best deal when leasing or selling your land and/or mineral rights.  We understand that the Oil & Gas industry can be complicated and we are here to educate you.  Should you decide to lease your mineral rights for drilling development, or if you think selling your Mineral Rights is the right decision, please contact us first, and give us the opportunity to find the best deal for you. Our service is FREE to you!


About Selling Mineral Rights

We’re here to help you make the best choice when selling your mineral rights or royalty interest.  Choosing the right company to work with is invaluable, and you should take your time to understand how these companies work, and how they will value your mineral rights.

When you’re deciding whether or not to sell your mineral rights, consider the simple question:

“Will I be disappointed if my mineral rights do not produce significant income for me and my family?”

If your answer is yes, then you should take the time and consider selling all or part of your mineral rights or royalty interest.  If there answer is no, then likely have significant cash deposits, a well diversified portfolio and no immediate or potential cash needs.

About Selling Oil and Gas Royalties

Selling your oil and natural gas royalties are similar to selling mineral rights.  However, there is one key concept to remember.  You CAN sell your royalty interest WITHOUT selling your mineral rights.  In this case, you will be selling your royalty interest from a particular lease.  If production on that lease ends, and the HBP (Held By Production) timeline ends, then you will be free to sign a new oil and gas lease unencumbered by your previous royalty sale agreement.

Invest in Oil and Gas Mineral Rights and Royalty

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